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Tips to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

By Caroline Monroe

You may have tried to lose weight once before and never accomplished it. You might believe that shedding weight in 2 weeks is impossible. This is your opportunity to make a difference and finally lose weight.

One component to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks is to consume 30 grams of protein right when you wake up.

30 grams of protein is the comparable to consuming 5 egg whites in the morning. You might be saying "isn't really that a ton of cholesterol?" The answer is no. Egg whites include little to no cholesterol and depending on your family history, are safe for you to consume in such amount. I understand consuming 5 egg whites a morning is a bit much to ask of you, so other alternative feature a low-carb protein shake of low-fat turkey bacon or peanut or almond butter.

Now why is so much protein good for fat burning, and why very first thing in the early morning? Consuming 30 grams of protein in the morning helps stimulate an excellent fat burning hormone called glucagon. Glucagon's major function is to burn fat, and the various other vital factor in consuming healthy protein in the early morning is that it curbs the mid-day, post-lunch depression that you feel most days which also assists you to steer clear of consuming sweet caffeinated drinks later on in the day.

Do not drink your calories (bye bye, soda and alcohol). This isn't really a huge challenge for me as I currently like to drink a lot of water throughout the day and I suggest you do too. And in this situation, if your goal in to drop weight in 2 weeks, your sacrifice is your soft drink. Empty calories and caffeinated drinks filled with sugar like soft drinks and red bull are a no-no when it comes to dropping weight. You want to avoid the added calories that are in abundance in a lot of beverages in order to shed weight in 2 weeks.

The third tip to drop 10 pounds quickly is to eliminating all "White Carbs" from your diet. This was pretty challenging for me to complete since I enjoy my sandwiches. This means bye bye bread! Yes, even whole grain bread. "Carbs" or carbohydrates are usually considered to be "white carbs". White carbs are any type of carbohydrate that is, or could be white in some form or type. This features noodles, rice, breads and potatoes. If your goal is to shed 10 pounds in 2 weeks then the white carbs are the ones that ought to go. The "great carbs" like grains and lentils can easily still offer you the energy source your body needs to work, and still maintain effective fat loss.

Make the fats you consume go directly to your muscles and bypass your waistline. How? Resistance training. A quick 20 minute session of resistance training will aid in boosting your metabolic rate as well as aid ship the fats you consume straight to your muscles and stay clear of your problem locations like your butt, tummy and hips. I advise doing bodyweight squats to engage your biggest muscle teams, your lower legs. By doing so, you open all your receptors in the muscles to ensure that the sugar goes in to your muscles to come to be energy instead of the sugar being transferred as fat around your belly.

Last tips to shed 10 pounds in 2 weeks, is to pork out at least one time per week. There are a couple reasons for a one-day pig-out session in order to lose weight quickly. One factor is a mental/emotional factor, and the other is actually backed by science. The first factor is to break up the dullness of a diet. If you have previously tried to diet, you understand that consuming the exact same food day in, day out, day after day after day is no fun at all. The science states that going too long on a reduced or strict diet may actually have a bad influence on your long term weight reduction.

These rules are pretty easy to consider, right? I mean, sure, you'll need to readjust your habits a little initially, yet it actually won't be that hard once you have taken the first step, and I guarantee that if you do consistently abide by these rules, you will drop anywhere from 2 to 10 pounds in 2 weeks. You will certainly be amazed at the progress you will make in just 2 weeks.

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