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Know These Three Success Tips For Weight Loss

By Dierdre Sitzman

Ramp Up Your fat metabolism by eliminating processed carbohydrates out of your diet plan to reduce your body's insulin production. This means eliminating not only sugars and sweets but grain products, such as wheat, rice, pasta, and corn (yep, corn is a grain, not a vegetable).

You only want to eat vegetables, fowl, beef, seafood and seeds/nuts and some fruits. Pick a variety of fruits and vegetables and go for a variety of colors. Eliminate those foods that are not real vegetables, such as corn. Pick grass-fed and free-range meats, wild caught seafood and all organic fruits and vegetables.

You will see a tremendous and quick response to this way of eating. Expect more clarity, energy and less sluggishness. Expect weight loss. And expect to reduce the risks of common health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and the likes. You will never feel deprived because these food choices are satiating, filling and delicious. Our ancestors have been eating this was for millions of years. Humans were never meant to eat grains and legumes.

You must change your exercise patterns as well. Instead of the common long duration cardiovascular that you commonly find in America, such as jogging, treadmills, swimming, and exercise classes, focus on short duration yet high intensity exercising. This type of exercising will benefit you in so many ways including delayed aging, strengthening and weight loss. Alternate those bursts of high intensity exercising with low intensity exercising such as simple cardiovascular, hiking and walking.

This intense exercise is known as peak intensity exercising which includes high intensity exercising, either cardiovascular or strength training for short periods of time. For example, 7 sets of all-out sprints each lasting 30 seconds in duration. Low intensity exercising includes walking, hiking, simple cardiovascular .

This approach is far superior to common methods of following a consistent schedule of frequent medium-to-high-intensity sustained workouts, which include jogging, cycling, cardiovascular machines, or group exercise classes.

Do the high intensity exercising about three times per week. On the other days, do low intensity exercising such as walking, hiking or leisurely swimming. The good news is that you will be able to get many of your workouts done in short amounts of time.

Stress reduction is a key element to an effective weight loss program. Reduce stress by getting a lot of sleep, playtime, sunlight, fresh air, and creative outlets. Avoid trauma as much as possible. Minimize the cultural tendency towards a sedentary lifestyle, high stress, insufficient rest and excessive digital stimulation.

It is important to play hard and relax hard and vary your routine when every possible.

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