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The Different Harmful Effect Of Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico

By Camille Nicholson

weight loss surgery is and effective procedure to lose weight. This procedure is performed on people who are extremely obese and the healthy diet and exercise procedures are not working. Weight loss surgery in Mexico helps to improve the mental and physical health of an individual. According to the medical experts there has been major advancements in this study for example laparoscopy has made it effective treatment for extremely obese patients.

Some of the procedures that help in losing weight include gastric banding, bypass and gastric sleeve. The procedure reduces the size of your stomach which in turn you will only consume little food. Just like other surgical procedures, there are some negative effects associated to this procedure. Below are some of the major side effects of bariatric surgery.

Vomiting, abdominal discomfort, and nausea are one of the effects. Abdominal discomfort could be caused by eating large chunks of food hurriedly, not chewing the food well, or consuming dry foods. In some people, eating little food could cause nausea and vomiting.

Some patients get constipated and dehydrated. Failure to consume enough water could lead to these two problems. As advised by the doctor a patient should take at least two liters of water in intervals. It is necessary to take water in intervals since a lot of water could also create some medical complications. Fluids are necessary to ensure that the digestion process is smooth.

Allergic reactions to some food are also common. Some patients develop a bad attitude toward dairy foods such as milk and the byproducts. In addition, some patients may experience some difficulties digestion some foods such as cheese, rice, and pasta.

Dumping syndrome is another dangerous effect. This effect occurs due to rapid emptying of undigested food. This complication normally occurs after having a gastric bypass surgery. Though the condition itself is not life, threatening the complications associated with the surgery can become serious and unpleasant. Some of these complications may include shaking, weakness, nausea, fainting, nightmares, rapid heart rate, and stomach cramping after meals.

Another severe complication includes malnutrition and problems in absorption. This is where the body fails to absorb nutrients effectively. The deficiency of iron in the body can cause anemia, while lack of calcium leads to bone diseases, and diarrhea. Having a nutritional deficiency after undergoing the procedure the patient can have long lasting complications.

In some rare case, this procedure may lead to a condition where the patient has very low levels of blood sugar. This is a dangerous condition since to affects the memory and other functions of the body. The patient may always seem to be confused and forget things very quickly.

Some medical practitioners have associated this procedure with higher risks of death. According to research, only the elderly and young people may die after the procedure. Low cost weight loss surgery in Mexico has become a popular among obese patients.

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