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Which Whey Protein Is Right For You?

By Russ Howe

These days, it's impossible to learn how to build muscle without stumbling onto the topic of supplements. The industry has boomed over the last ten years, with more and more people opting for meal replacement shakes to help them achieve their goals in the gym. But with so many different options out there, how can you possibly tell which whey protein is best to suit your fitness goals?

As thousands of people begin new keep-fit ventures at the start of the year, it's almost impossible to miss the array of health and fitness products being promoted by supermarkets and local stores looking to cash in on the trend. However, to avoid wasting your hard earned money you need to take a few seconds to establish what you're actually looking for.

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the health and fitness industry is the importance played by dietary supplements. If you are to believe everything you read on the packaging, you'll undoubtedly begin feeling as if you need to be taking dozens of products in order to achieve any results. This is far from the truth.

However, while the industry itself may thrive upon confusing consumers in a bid to get them to part with more cash each month, the actual information at the foundation of each product is quite straightforward and simple. Much like a muscle building routine, not much has changed over the last 20 years despite the scientific advancements which have been made.
If you don't know how to build muscle today's interview will assist you a lot.

Rather than believing a product is essential because it tells you to, it's quite easy to learn what to look for on the ingredients list. The three things below will help you do this.

* Look at the first ingredient.

* How much protein can you expect from each serving of the shake you're evaluating?

* How many carbohydrates are in each serving?

If you can learn how to understand the three rules above you'll have far less trouble when buying your next supplement. Let's start by explaining the first item, which asks about the form of protein listed as the main ingredient in the product.

The main difference between the three different forms of whey is the speed in which they are digested by your muscles. After a workout, you want to hit your muscles fast and hard with quality nutrition. A hydrolized product is ideal here, but you can also opt for an isolate or even concentrate, which is the original blend. The huge differences in price don't reflect the quite small differences in the speed of digestion, so don't worry if you're on a budget.

The next thing for consideration is the amount of protein you will be getting from each shake. Don't be fooled into believing that more is better. Our bodies can only handle 20-30 grams at any one time, with the rest being excreted as waste. So don't worry too much about those products which claim to hit you with 50+ grams in each shake.

Last but not least, let's take a peek at the carbohydrate content. There are two types of supplements in this field. Those which are designed for people looking to build and those designed for people trying to get leaner. If your goal is adding size you want a product which provides you with a good portion of carbohydrates in every shake. If you're trying to get leaner the carbohydrate content should be relatively low.

Now that you have taken the time to understand the three main rules behind muscle building supplements, you'll be able to assess which whey protein is best for you to use and get around the hype surrounding most products on the market.

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