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Exercise Health Perks

By Sophie Ward

It is unfortunate that many people find themselves overweight and out of shape. Modern lifestyles factors, which include processed foods diets, inactive office work environments and the various media outlets, have caused a good portion to disregard or forget the effect these have on their health. Getting fit will help you lower your cholesterol, lose some pounds, build up endurance and help prevent you from getting sick. An exercise machine, like a home treadmill, can make it easy to integrate regular fitness and exercise activities into your busy routine.

Treadmill Advantages

Regular use of a treadmill trainer, whether it be for walking or for running, can condition and shape up your body. Such cardio-intensive exercise helps you burn more calories than a cycling machine or most other gym workouts. You can find a variety of standard workout applications, created by certified fitness trainers, that will help you achieve different fitness goals. Treadmills are great fitness machines because so many different people can use them. Athletes use them to train on, casual users use them to stay fit, and obese people use them to lose weight.

Common Treadmill Features

Almost all treadmills today have the option to vary workout speeds. There are many other standard features that vary your workouts to help boost fitness levels and achieve your weight loss goals. The purpose of these highlights is intended to help make doing exercises fun and different. You'll have the ability to personalize your workouts so that you're always interested and active.

Modern treadmills have many inbuilt workout programs. You'll find a multitude of fitness programs that are developed by pro certified fitness trainers. Pick one and stick to the instructions for a helpful guided workout session. When one of these workout programs is set, you'll find that either the speed or the incline, or even both will automatically change. The progressive nature of the exercise programs will vary, so be careful and select one that you know you'll be able to handle.

You'll find many treadmills have heart rate monitors built into them. These heart rate monitors are often used with pre-configured cardiovascular workout apps so that you can keep an eye on your vitals. The majority of heart rate monitors are either strapped to an arm or held in one hand. The more premium treadmill machines offer a chest-strap heart rate monitor which can more precisely monitor your heart rate and your calories burned. In other words, it can monitor your aerobic fitness level and the intensity of your workout.

Many treadmills come equipped with built in memory, which allow for customized workout programs to be saved for future use. This comes in handy particularly when there are other treadmill trainer users. A handful of treadmills out on the market can use the onboard memory to store workout history, making it easy to see the fitness progress made and to target new fitness goals.

A growing number of treadmills today come equipped with iFit Live technology. This feature lets you bring up maps that mimic real life running trails, giving you a workout experience that mimics that which you'd find outside. You can use iFit Live technology to prepare for a marathon being held in another city or country. Motivate yourself by seeing how you stack up on select race courses with iFit Compete Live. Any treadmill that has Internet connectivity and is compatible with the iFit Live technology can run this multipurpose feature. Other premium features available on premium treadmill machine models include features such as color touch displays or television functionalities.

Components of a Treadmill

The main component found on a treadmill is the tread belt, which is run by generally an electric motor. The belt moves over rollers, which cater to to whatever speed setting you've set in the treadmill's electronics. A running deck props up weight exerted on the tread belt, as the rollers move the conveyor belt. The deck can typically be adjusted at various inclines to provide more resistance during workout sessions. This gives you a good cardio exercise session and brings diversity to your routine.

The vast majority of treadmill running decks sit on top of damping elements. Decks are outfitted with a cushioned belt to minimize impact on the feet, but usually the level of cushioning can be adjusted. The belt, motor, rollers, running deck, and cushioning system all play a role in providing you with various workout experiences on a treadmill machine.

Yet another good thing to note about a treadmill's design: some have foldable decks and others have non-foldable decks. Systems with foldable frames are ideal where space is tight. The foldable treadmills have decks that can be lifted up vertically. You'll have to pay a little extra for the benefit of having a foldable treadmill trainer. You'll find that non-foldable treadmills are more commonplace because they're less costly and more heavy duty in construction.

Treadmill Highlight Considerations

It's important to look at a treadmill's feature set, but take note to the treadmill's design and intended user type. There are treadmills that are designed just for walking and jogging and there are treadmills which are designed specifically for runners. Your body weight could affect the performance of a treadmill machine. There are treadmills with more robust motors to accommodate for these type of users. Taller users need a treadmill machine with a longer tread belt that can easily accommodate their long strides. Recurrent use of a treadmill trainer should warrant a more powerful motor and a commercial-grade frame. Any workout product you get is an investment into your health. Take some time to do your research and read some fitness treadmill reviews and see what people are talking about.

Last Words

There are numerous methods exercising helps improve your health and your fitness. A home treadmill at home can help you realize these benefits. Take some time to think about what your health and fitness needs are. Also, measure the space available at home to place the treadmill machine and consider the kind of users and designed usage. If you think about all these things, you'll be more ready to pick a certain treadmill trainer model that you want.

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