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Doing HIIT On An Empty Stomach

By Russell Howe

Most people who perform HIIT don't support their workout with the proper nutrition. Today we clear up the fog surrounding what you should do with your diet and supplements to make the most of high intensity interval training.

Following today's tips you will be able to get much more from your sessions and will notice massively increased fat loss results.

Today\'s video shows some proven nutrition for HIIT exercise.

You probably know at least one person who insists upon training first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This is more habit than anything else, but they'll swear it's better for your results. In fact when looking into high intensity interval training scientists discovered the direct opposite. Hitting the gym with your body stocked up on all the correct nutrients, which we will cover in just a moment, will give you better results.

This form of cardio is still relatively new to the regular gym user, but has been used by athletes for the biggest part of three decades, so while the majority of trainers are already aware that nutrition needs to be changed when working with interval training, the regular gym goer sometimes gets stuck in the wrong way of thinking.

Most people who perform high intensity cardio are doing so because they have heard it helps you to lose weight much faster, so today we're going to specifically focus on how to get the most from the fat loss benefits. These two rules are very important:

* Studies show that trainers who consume 20 grams of whey protein around 20 miuntes before a high intensity interval workout were able to continue burning calories at a far higher rate than those who went in on an empty stomach. Furthermore, this extra calorie burning lasted a massive 24 hours.

* Essential amino acids are also fantastic. These will work with your protein supplement to help you retain lean muscle while you burn off fat in the gym.

There are two sides to the workout window, and those folks who insist on only feeding their body after a session are missing out on some great results. Ensure you hit your next high intensity level training fully prepared with protein and essential amino acids.

Essential amino acids work before of after a workout, they are a no nonsense supplement that are simply proven to help build lean muscle. However, there have been a number of studies performed which indicate when directly compared with pre-workout and post-workout consumption there is only one winner. One particular piece of research showed a 24% increase in the uptake of the supplement by the muscles, all for something as simple as taking it before your gym session instead of after.

And that concludes today's lesson, guys and girls. These two simple rules will go a long way to increase your HIIT performance and help you smash through the fat loss barrier. Be sure to look after your pre-workout nutrition as well as your post-workout nutrition and you will be shocked at how much your results improve overall.

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