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How To Lose Weight Made Simpler Than Ever

By Russ Howe-Pti

So many people get unnecessarily lost when it comes to how to lose weight so today our instructors are going to put together some simple and proven tips for you to get quick but lasting rewards for your hard efforts in the gym.

There are no if's or maybe's when it comes to the five steps shown in today's post. To put it bluntly, they simply do the job every time.

It's time to get some results!

Personal trainer Russ Howe PTI explains how to lose weight effectively.

The following 5 steps are all you really need when it comes to dieting, these are the foundations of a solid lifestyle.

1) Get To Know Your Calories

2) Up Your Protein When Cutting Carbs

3) Snack On Protein Rich Food

4) Pack Snack Tubs With Your Lunch

5) Take A Break Every Sunday

We will now run through some of these rules in more depth to help you get the most from them. The first of which revolves around simply understanding a little bit about the calories you eat. No, you do not need to watch every single calorie or skip your favorite meals. That's actually a bad way to diet. When you are dieting effectively you shouldn't even feel like you are dieting. You must operate at a calorie deficit, meaning eat less per day than you do now, that's a solid start.

If you've known anyone do the Atkins diet or any other quick fix course you'll know what we mean by rule number two. When we cut down carbohydrates we often forget that if you don't simultaneously increase your protein intake your body will burn muscle instead of fat each time you exercise or each time it simply needs fuel.

After five years of working in my gym I can comfortably say that snacking is the number one enemy of a dieter. I have lost count of how many times I've heard the stories of a perfectly laid out diet plan going to waste because of a stressful day at work.

Take a few small tubs with you to work, pack them with protein rich foods and enjoy them throughout the day whenever you feel peckish. Protein has far less impact on our fat storage cells than either carbs or fat, so enjoy!

After you've dieted all week the last thing you'd probably want to do is to take a day off, right? Dismiss the fear that you can undo a great week's work with one simple day. Remember, there is a big difference between a cheat day and Christmas day. By enjoying a day off you'll curb any temptations. Enjoy your favorite junk food if you want to, it won't derail your efforts in the bigger picture and it will actually help you stick to your plan far longer than you may ever have in the past.

As you'll notice when you see our future posts, if you are one of the gym users trying to work out how to build muscle you can use these proven tips and just shuffle a few of the details around to get results there. Today's post, of course, is designed with those trying to work out how to lose weight in mind and gives you a very strong position to start from in your journey to a new, better lifestyle.

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