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Calories In Blueberries Are The Least There Is

By Arold Augustin

Adding fruits and vegetables to any diet plan will have the pounds coming off in no time. There is simply no reason to ever feel hungry when the food you ingest holds only seventy calories a cup like the low calories in blueberries. Forget the word diet and simply enjoy.

Don't deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy this fruit. If you pick them in the wild, you get a berry that is small in size but big in flavor. It is tart compared to cultivated ones, and many find them reminiscent of the flavor of wine.

Today, most of them are cultivated in beds and can be found worldwide although they originated in North America. The cultivated berry is much larger than those that grow in the wild and its flavor is different without losing any of its succulence.

Reference is often made to the blueberry being the miracle fruit. It comes by this name quite honestly being high in nutrients but having no fat, sodium, or cholesterol to speak of. It is naturally high in protein and fiber and is loaded with antioxidants that fight off cancer, stress, bad eyesight, and urinary infections to name but a few. Other fruits and even spinach cannot come close to these bragging rights.

The blueberry is a vine ripened fruit. Once plucked from the vine, it cannot ripen any longer, so knowing when to pick this fruit is most important. Plantings are staggered all over the North American continent in order to provide the area with berries that are always fresh anytime of the year. Many are sold frozen making them excellent for cooking, but nothing replaces the fresh fruit when it comes to nibbling on one of nature's finest choices.

Besides being cooked in any number of recipes from cakes to muffins, they found as a juice, syrup, and can even flavor coffees and teas. In the dried form they can have a extremely long shelf life unlike fresh ones that require refrigeration if not eaten right away. They are so tasty; it is difficult to imagine them lasting more than a day.

A delight to look at and eat, this little berry can raise havoc in one instance. It is a great stain maker and most often is permanent once the deep blue color has seeped into cloth. It will stain the skin taking weeks for it to wear off at times. If you have berries to clean, wear an apron and rubber gloves on your hands.

The low calories in blueberries have made it into a top priority snack. The satisfying flavor will ward off hunger and keep the waist slim and trim while supplying the body with a number of needed nutrients. Buy them in bulk if you wish because this berry requires no special processing to freeze it. Simply clean the berries, place them in a covered container, and put them in the freezer. Nothing is easier. If your local supermarket is out of them, you have a ready supply for your favorite recipes.

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