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Health Benefits Run Beyond The Calories In Mango

By Arold Augustin

Calorie counting remains the most common form of dieting, and those who engage in this form of health maintenance always ask about the calories in mango. Some doctors warn against being too calorie focused when dieting, and encourage people to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as they desire. Even so, there are still those diet plans which utilize a point system, as well as websites which allow their members to count all those they consume and compare it against how many they burn in a day.

These fruits were grown in India for many generations, but they can be found in many countries that have a tropical climate. The plant cannot survive any sort of frost, so they are found primarily in places like southern India, Mexico, and part of South America. There are even places in Florida where these trees grow.

As a rule, the calorie content of mangoes comes to about eighteen per ounce. This is important to know for those who cut and weigh their fruits when making smoothies. Because they have such a strong flavor, mangoes are a favorite fruit for smoothie aficionados, and the fact that they have a shelf life of one to two weeks means they keep well. Not only that, but they can be stored for long periods of time in the freezer, and many smoothie fans prefer to use frozen fruit.

A full fruit pitted and skinned has a calorie count of around 135. This may seem like a lot to some dieters, however, fresh fruits and vegetables are easily used and processed by the body. A calorie is truly nothing more than a measure of a unit of energy which the body can use, and count of 135 from a mango is very different from 135 from a processed food.

One can choose the perfect fruit by both smelling and squeezing it. A ripe fruit will be very fragrant at the stem, and it will give slightly when it is squeezed. It should be an orange color, but there can be traces of green even when it is fully ripened. If the fruit is not ripe enough, simply sitting it on a kitchen table for a few days should allow it to complete the ripening process.

These fruits have a zero fat content, are high in potassium, and an excellent source of fiber. Many people have a daily ritual of eating them, and they are regarded as a comfort food. Mangoes contain an important enzyme which aids the body in digestion, and proper digestion is key to keeping the body in balance.

By eating one each day, a person can prevent conditions such as constipation, piles, and hemorrhoids. There are many diseases which can come as a result of poor digestion, including several forms of cancer. Healthy digestion can also prevent heart disease and clogging of the arteries.

The enzyme that aids in digestion is also excellent as a meat tenderizer. As such, mangoes are often used in marinades. In India they take green mangoes and grind them up into a powder called Amchur which is used as a flavoring and a marinade. There is more to it than just the calories in mango.

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