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Is A Holistic Training Routine Good For You?

By Howe Russ

Holistic training is an often overlooked workout method which has faded out of the public eye in recent years. However, like most things in fitness, it's once again making it's way into workout programs around the world as the next wave of old training methods makes it's comeback. Today we'll be explaining what this is and why you may enjoy it.

The world of fitness is no stranger to new trends. New techniques are developed every single day to give you a better, more efficient workout. Everything is focused on getting you in and out of the gym as quickly as possible with maximum results, you'd think we don't actually enjoy training in the first place.

Despite the constantly evolving world of fitness, the workout styles you can see on display in any gym or fitness magazine have existed for years. The industry operates on a fifteen year cycle, with old techniques disappearing from the public eye for a while and then making a comeback a few years down the line. So the next time you ask for tips on how to lose weight, bear in mind that the answer you'll be given could be older than you are. This can be seen already with kettlebells and fat loss boot camps.

If you jumped in a time machine and landed anywhere between the mid-1970's and the early 1980's you will have noticed that holistic was a word attached to many things. Ranging from medicine to exercise, this technique is universal and can be applied to just about anything.
Find out about holistic training with today\'s video.

The word holistic means varied. This means you're entire workout routine is going to switch between different styles and goals. This usually happens on a weekly basis and continues for a period of roughly two or three months before a new program is started.

Are there any real benefits to this method, though?

Actually, there are two huge benefits.

* A weekly change in your program will stimulate new gains and fat loss.

* It also forces the fitness enthusiast to try new workouts and keep their routine interesting.

That's why the main person who would benefit from using this technique is somebody who has always had trouble in the past with their ability to stick to a program. If you find that your fitness goals crumble once you've got past the three month stage, this is definitely something you should look at.

By forcing your muscles to go between different methods, such as kettlebell training, heavy barbell training and high intensity cardio workouts, you'll keep your body guessing and bust out of the toughest plateau.

Monitoring progress is the toughest part of this type of routine. As exercise enthusiasts switch between high intensity interval training, high repetition endurance work and strength based sessions every seven days it can lead to confusion when trying to monitor your progress.

If that's a highly important thing for you then you might want to consider using a different approach. All in all, however, holistic training is something which appeals to most folks and can be used whether your goal is to learn how to lose weight or how to gain strength.

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