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Simple Ways to Achieve Weight Loss During the Holiday Season

By Euphemia Baxley

There is no harder time for dieting than the winter time holiday season. All of those big family get togethers and parties with friends and coworkers. It's very hard to give much thought to healthy and moderate eating when everyone is putting all kinds of sweets and goodies in front of you every day. It's easy to just throw up your hands and put your whole diet on hold for this season. They think they can make up for it over the course of the rest of the year. If you're looking for an alternative, though, you can find them. If you take the advice that follows, you'll find it's not as hard as you thought to get through the holidays without adding any extra pounds or inches to your waistline.

It's definitely possible to get through the holidays without carrying any additional pounds, as long as you're conscientious and stay alert. If this sounds like something you want to achieve, read on.

In between all those holiday meals and parties, eat as healthy as you can. We're not saying that you should attempt to go on a severe or extremely low calorie diet. Reducing your calorie intake can be dangerous around the holidays, as you're then likely to binge on the wrong foods when you're exposed to them. Make sure you eat some healthy protein, which fills you up without causing you to put on weight. When you take this precaution with the meals you can control, you won't feel as guilty for indulging during the holiday parties.

You can reduce your intake of food, and also increase your pleasure in eating it by eating more slowly. So you can eat with everybody else at the table while consuming fewer calories and enjoying all the flavors.

Not gaining weight over the holidays, or even losing some takes some concentration but you can do it if you're determined. Don't fall victim to the belief that gaining holiday pounds is inevitable, because it's not. You don't have to skip the holiday feasts everyone enjoys or even the occasional treat, as long as you keep your diet and exercise program in mind most of the time.

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