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The Right Food For Weight Loss

By Nea Brown

Log onto the internet and you will instantly be hit by offers and hyperbole about the latest miracle fat burning ingredient and the best food for weight loss. Some of this is great, informative stuff but quite a bit is very much not. Often times it will come from an untrustworthy source with a commercial angle to pursue.

To help you do so, this guide will go through some of the best foods to add to your diet if you want to burn some fat. Organizing your diet is up to you. If you can build it around these foods, however, it will almost certainly be a good one for lowering the digits next time you take to the scale.

Top of the list are eggs. Eggs are a terrific slimmer because they are packed with protein and leave you feeling full for a long time. The traditional carb heavy breakfast foods like toast, bagels or cereal will leave you hungry for a snack by 11.30 but a less fattening plate of scrambled egg will energize you until lunch time.

While coffee and tea are the staples for the short breaks we take during the day, there is a far better option for those on a diet or even just those with a health conscious attitude. Green tea is filled with antioxidants which speed your metabolism and help you burn food off faster. Keep that in mind next time you feel like a hot drink.

Sandwiches are another enemy should you be planning to slim down. Replacing your lunchtime sandwich with a simple fresh soup is one definite step towards a flatter belly. A nice fresh soup will also be filled with vitamins which will do plenty of favors to your body.

If you're the kind of person who likes to sprinkle sugar on their snacks, the idea of switching cold turkey to plain, unsweetened treats might seem like a sad one indeed. Here is where cinnamon comes in handy. When you've just eaten a meal, your insulin spikes which is why you often find yourself hankering for something sweet to help it go down. Cinnamon helps control this urge and is much less fattening than sugar.

The next one is a little controversial but has proven time and again to be a helpful slimming aid: nuts. While undoubtedly fattening, nuts are not as fattening as most other snack foods. So if you need to slim but get the urge to snack, grab a bag of nuts instead of the usual bag of chips or chocolate cookies.

The most obvious of all the slimming foods is, of course, fruit and certainly adding more to your diet will help to lower your weight. Pears are probably the current champion of all the fruity slimmers - they're packed with fiber and really fill you up. Apples are the silver medalist and grapefruits are not far behind.

The most important thing of all when looking for food for weight loss is that you keep a balanced, healthy diet. Do not lose sight of your health trying to burn pounds. Make sure you're getting enough energy from the food you eat while still avoiding the hard-core fatties.

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