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HCG Ultra Diet Raids Fat Storage Deposits To Replace Lacking Calories So You Decrease Weight

By Willy S. Hundley

If you have heard talk regarding diet drops that help you lose weight the HCG Ultra diet seems to causing quite a stir. This caught my attention so I elected to do some investigating to learn the details that make this successful. We must start at the beginning to understand what this really is and why it works.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, also known as HCG is simply a hormone that pregnant females produce. This hormone basically works to suppress hunger and trigger your body to use its stored fat for fuel. Therefore, if we reduce the intake of calories our body needs they will be retrieved from our own fat storage deposits. It appears this is logical so let's go a little further to discover why this program is successful compared to other diets.

Using the HCG ultra plan diet drops regulate the hypothalamus, which I needed to look up because I had no clue what that was. A little bit of checking into medical terminology provided various definitions that were all similar. It seems that one part of your brain contains the hypothalamus that is responsible for many body functions.

Getting back to the actual diet plan, there are three individual phases of this plan that must be followed. The first phase is quite easy as you eat as you normally would and also start taking the drops as directed, which allows your body to load up on the drops, which is why this is called the loading phase. This is to permit the drops to target and go after the stored fat deposits in your body. In phase two the real weight loss begins to happen as you start your prescribed daily meal plan that must be strictly followed.

Phase three is known as the after weight loss phase because the weight loss occurred in phase two. The maintenance part of the plan is the third phase, which must also be the longest part of the program. At this point a good amount of weight should have been shed and your body should have also been cleansed so you are primed to enter into this phase.

Of course there are critical rules you should follow after you buy HCG Ultra Diet Drops to ensure your success with the plan. It is imperative that you are cautious to only consuming the appropriate amount of calories. Have a good understanding of the difference between carbohydrates that are good and carbohydrates that are not good. Make sure that each and every day you drink a minimum of 100 ounces of water. All this information should make sense and help you comprehend that you could easily lose weight with this program.

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