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The African Mango Diet Speeds Up The Metabolism For Faster Weight Loss

By Richard Parker

The African mango diet has increased in popularity since being recommended on the Dr. Oz show. People who take the safe, natural herbal supplement capsules can lose up to thirty pounds in just eight weeks. The pills accelerate the metabolism while controlling hunger for practically effortless weight loss.

The African mango, irvingia gabonensis, is an edible wild fruit native to the Guinean rain forests. Local tribes grind the seeds to make bread. Research has shown that an extract from these seeds can aid weight loss and enhance overall health. The pills can improve the outcome of any low calorie diet. Amazingly, studies have shown that many people who take the supplements lose weight even without a reduction in food intake or increase in exercise.

The seeds of the irvingia gabonensis are rich in soluble fiber. This substance helps dieters to feel satisfied on small portions by slowing the rate at which blood sugar is absorbed. Before being excreted, it binds with bile acids in the intestines. In order to produce more bile acids, the liver increases the metabolism and burns stored fat deposits.

The herbal extract also enhances weight loss by balancing the production of the hormone leptin. This protein is manufactured in the fat cells and acts to control appetite. When blood levels of leptin are high, the brain senses that the body has sufficient energy and ceases to send out hunger signals. The brain interprets low leptin levels as starvation and responds with strong cravings for high-energy foods.

Low calorie diets are a form of self-induced starvation. As fat cells shrink during weight loss, leptin production normally decreases. Low leptin leads to cravings for energy-dense sugary foods. Irvingia gabonensis keeps leptin in the normal range. As a result, the metabolism remains active and dieters can lose weight without feeling hungry.

Unlike most other diet aids, African mango extract has nutritional benefits. It promotes the production of the hormone adiponectin, which decreases inflammation and reduces the risk for heart disease and diabetes. It raises levels of healthy HDL cholesterol while lowering harmful LDL cholesterol. It may also help to delay the onset of dementia.

The African mango plus pills are safe to use and free from unpleasant side-effects. However, dieters need to be aware of is that the capsules contain caffeine and shouldn't be taken within a few hours of bedtime. People on the African mango diet are also advised to cut down on cola, tea and coffee to avoid over-stimulation during the day.

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