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Begin Getting in Shape by Focusing on One Thing

If you have had difficulty getting started with exercise and diet and staying with it please read on.

"I need help losing weight." How many of us have said this in the past? The following trick really helped me lose weight when I had trouble sticking to my resolutions for getting in shape.

I would always become motivated after a gluttonous holiday season or when the weather started getting warm. I would say that "I want to lose weight now." I would start with the exercise routines that were efficient and would get me working hard. Additionally, I would begin to cut back on the junkie foods I ate every day and would try to make better choices when it came to my meal. This grand plan would only work for so long before I fell back into my bad habits. Sound familiar

After trying many times, I finally know how to start and continue when it comes to getting and staying in shape.

Instead of concentrating on saying "I need to lose weight now," you need to choose one thing when getting started, either exercise or diet, but not both. It is too shocking to your system. I have now kept off over forty pounds for over three years now. Losing more weight at this point is unnecessary as I am in maintenance mode. To get to this place, I started out focusing on just exercise. I knew if I could just stick with it for a month and not miss any scheduled workouts, I would stay with working out. Sure enough, I got through that first month and continued with exercise. But, all along I didn't really change my eating habits. After a few months of working out, I began to make better decisions with my meals and the amounts that I ate. After a while I stopped eating the kinds of foods that I craved in the past because I knew that it would affect my workout regimen and how I was feeling.

My rule for getting in shape and sticking with it.

Choose better eating or exercising when you start out. Don't do both at the same time because this will be too much for most of us. Once your habits with exercising or eating are good, then add the other you did not start out with and you will have a much better chance at successful weight loss over time.

Ben Smith is the owner of the Top Health and Fitness Reviews web site - a site that provides health and fitness product reviews on everything from weight loss diets to recommended fitness products. Sign up here for his free ebook Top Diet Scams Revealed.

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