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Who Are You Protecting, Punishing or Pleasing by Being Overweight?

We usually aren't aware of the real reasons we sabotage ourselves. We don't realize why we are always stopping before we reach our goals. Or why we are unsuccessful. We may have subconscious beliefs that keep us stuck where we are. We may be trying to protect someone, punish someone or please someone. That Someone can be ourselves or others.

Protecting Someone

We may be protecting someone from our success because of our fears.

In The Secret Code of Success, Noah St. John says this is the most hidden and the most common reason we unknowingly protect someone from our success. It affects millions of men and women.
An example Noah give is of a woman protecting her husband from her success. She was afraid he would be jealous of her and leave her. By not succeeding she was protecting herself and her husband.

So I am asking myself who am I protecting by being overweight? What am I gaining by being overweight? What am I afraid of?

Punishing Someone

It is possible to also trying to be punishing someone by holding ourselves back.
Noah gives his own story as an example:

"I'm mad at my parents because they didn't do what I wanted them to. so I'm going to punish them by not succeeding so they can't point to me and say what a good job they did as parents. Ha! I'll show them!"

"I'll show you" can work for us or against us. Not succeeding is against ourselves. But we can turn it around and us it for positive results. We can use it to help us succeed instead of failing.

I am asking myself who I am trying to punish by being overweight? Am I punishing myself or someone else? How can I use the power of "I'll show you" for positive results?

Pleasing Someone

People Pleasing seems to be common also. And trying to please others won't lead us to success. We aren't even who we really are when we are trying to please others. We are trying to be who we think they want us to be. And no one is happy.

I am also reading I Got This by Jennifer Hudson. In her book, Jennifer's older sister Julia writes a couple of pages about her own story. Julia tried Weight Watchers. She lost some weight and didn't have to take her daily insulin shots. Then she quit and went back to her old eating habits. Julia says, "One thing is for sure, if our mama were here, she'd be fussing over Jenny's weight loss.  She'd say something like: Now, Jenny, you just got too skinny and don't be losing any more weight!"

So we can be trying to please someone who is not even alive.

Noah says the real question is: What are you afraid of?

You may be afraid of disapproval from others.

"We experience the feeling of fear when we perceive that we're not in control." Noah St. John
We also may be blaming others and this makes us the victim.

You have no power to change when you are the victim.

The truth is you are powerful.

Do you ever feel out of control eating or drinking?

I am asking myself what am I afraid of when I feel out of control. Am I blaming someone?

Noah says "One great way to overcome fear is to accept the pain that you might feel as a result of your actions. So what if that person disapproves of you?"


You may be overweight because you are trying to protect, punish or please someone. That someone may be yourself or others. That someone may be dead or alive. It may be harming you to continue to be overweight to protect, punish or please others.

You can be yourself. You can be healthy. You can overcome old fears.

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