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How To Get Rid Of Your Beer Induced Belly Fat Fast - Simple Steps

Once most men and sometimes women grow beyond their teenage years, they will begin to indulge in the drinking of beer. Initially, they will start by taking moderate amounts of beer, but after a while when they really start enjoying it, they would not get satisfied by taking moderate amounts again.

1 pint of beer contains 182 calories so, when you take lots of beer especially on Saturday nights when you could consume up to 8 pints, you are gulping in around 1500 calories at a go. If you add this to the other calories that you would have taken into your body through your major meals and all the other junk foods that you eat throughout the day, you would probably end up consuming about 3000 calories on most Saturdays.

All these excessive calories that you get form excessive beer consumption will eventually get converted into body fat which is deposited mainly in the centre of your body around your abdomen especially if you are a man. If you are a woman some of this extra fat will be deposited around your hips and buttocks.

This belly fat is more dangerous than other forms of superficial fat deposited around the body, because belly fat is actually deposited around the internal organs thus predisposing to more serious health related conditions.

So, if you have beer induced belly fat you can take the following steps to burn off your extra abdominal fat:

Step 1-Stop Drinking Beer

The main reason why your tummy became enlarged is because you took too much beer so, if you want to stop the accumulation of fat in your belly one of the things that you must do is to stop consuming beer.

Step 2-Reduce your consumption of foods that contain lots of calories.

Step 3-Stop eating white bread and pasta; instead eat more of healthy vegetables, fruits and salads.

Step 4- Cut down on the consumption of fruit juice as most fruit juices contain lots of fructose which is readily broken down into extra calories.

Step 5-Eat foods that have low glycaemic index I.E foods that do not release their sugar content too rapidly into the blood.

Step 6- Eat lots of protein; eat eggs during breakfast, chicken meat (without the skin) during lunch, and fish at night.

Step 7-Make sure you eat soup at least once every day.

Step 8-Eat salad at least once a day as part of one of your major meals.

Step 9-Drink black coffee

Set 10-Engage in high intensity exercises that make you sweat and pant.

Step 11-Engage in weight training exercises to replace your excess body fat with well toned muscles. You can engage in exercises like bench press, shoulder press, squat, use of dumb bells, dead lifts etc. Work up your muscles to burn off excess fat.

Finally, click here to download one of these two highly recommended weight loss programs to discover more steps that you can take to get rid of body fat.

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