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The Right Way to go on a Low Carb Diet

By James Steele

When you want to lose weight the choice of diet programs should be low carbs as the best. During the last ten years of the last millennium, and so far this millennium, the no carb diet has run amok, but it has been answered by the low carb diet plan. It is not a good thing to do a diet without any carbs at all. Good carbs, when they are eaten in moderate amounts, can take your overall health, and raise it up to a healthier level. There is a trick to switching diet plans, and once you know it, changing to low carb foods from high carb ones will be a snap. To help you out, here are a few tips and hints.

Try using cauliflower instead of rice. This is a way to eat more vegetables and fewer calories. You can also cook it a lot faster than rice. In other words, substituting grated cauliflower for rice will save you time and load you up with fewer carbs. The only thing you'll be giving up when you use cauliflower rather than rice is some unwanted carbs. One good thing about rice is that it's cheap and you can buy it in bulk; cauliflower will, it must be noted, cost you more. However, if you're seeking ways to make more low carb dishes, this is one nutritious option.

Many of the most nutritious foods you can find anywhere are those made from whole grains. When following a diet low in carbohydrates, this will be especially useful to you. As opposed to processed foods such as white flour, whole grains are low in carbohydrates yet they satisfy your urge to eat carb rich foods. Any type of food you're used to eating can be made or found in a whole grain variety. Seek out whole grain substitutes when you buy bread, cereal or pasta. Whole grain foods make it a lot easier for you to substitute in low carbohydrate foods for high carbohydrate foods without having to give up anything you love.

Some people go on low carb diets and start eating a great deal of meat. Some kinds of meat are much better for you than others, so you should learn how to make this distinction. Eating lots of hamburgers and bacon, for example, isn't the best thing for you. Go directly to a butcher and look for quality meats that are low in fat. Try to find a source of naturally prepared meat in your area and, while this is more costly, it's better to eat less of this kind of meat than larger quantities of unhealthy meats. Don't just eat anything, but do your research first.

If you go on a low carb diet, you just have to change your perspective a little. You should get rid of the notion that eating any carbs at all is bad for you. You should be conscious of what kinds of carbohydrates you eat; get them from natural, whole grain and vegetable sources and limit your portions. If you need some encouragement or advice, you should see your doctor to get additional help. One or two consultations with a professional can help you get a clearer idea of what it takes to maintain a low carb diet.

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