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How To Lose Weight Without Doing Too Much Exercise - Simple Tips

If you want to lose weight without experiencing the pain and stress of intensive exercise workouts, you can make use of the following tips:

Tip one - Do not eat while watching television

When you eat when you are in front of the television set, you tend to eat more and faster as you think less about the food that you are eating while you are concentrating on the program that you are watching on the television.

Tip two - Know the amount of calories that you are eating

Calculate the amount of calories that are in the foods that you are eating; you can make use of different calorie counter applications on your smart phone

Tip three - Do not blame your excessive body weight on your "slow metabolism"

When you claim that you are overweight because of your "slow body metabolism", you are just looking for an excuse to remain overweight. If most overweight people that claim to have a slow metabolic rate will keep a food dairy, they would discover that they consume more calories than they need; if you give in to this erroneous idea, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Tip four - Avoid getting hungry

If you starve yourself and go hungry because you want to lose weight, you would break your hunger with sugar laden foods sooner or later. What you need to do to ward off hunger and lose weight is to eat protein rich foods like eggs, fish and lean meat which will make you feel satisfied more easily. If you increase the protein content of your breakfast by 30%, you would eat less food for lunch.

Tip five - Eat eggs every morning

Egg proteins stimulate the production of the hormone called PPT which helps you to feel satisfied more easily.

Tip six - Consume lots of soup

When you eat soups, you stay and feel fuller for longer periods of time; this natural suppression of hunger by soups help you to eat less so, you should eat soups at least once daily

Tip seven - Avoid going to buffets

When you are presented with a wide array of foods, you will eat more; increased exposure to a wider variety of foods leads to around 30 % increase in consumption so, avoid going to buffets.

Tip eight - Eat foods that are rich in calcium

If you eat a lot of foods that contain calcium you will reduce the absorption of fatty foods by the body as you would tend to excrete more than twice the amount of fatty foods that you would excrete normally.

Tip nine - Engage in moderate exercises every day

If you can engage in moderate exercises like walking on a daily basis, you would be able to burn up excess calories. The amount of calories that you burn while walking is determined mainly by your weight and the distance that you cover while walking; your walking speed does not really affect the amount of calories that you burn as much as these two other factors do.

A 180 pound person burns about 100 calories for every mile he or she walks, while a 120 pound person burns about 65 calories for every mile that he or she walks.

Walk for at least 90 minutes every day to burn off excess body fat.

Tip ten - Be more agile

Do not just sit down in one position; become more active around the house; do not send your kids or your maids to do all your household chores for you while you just sit down on one spot.

You can burn up to 240 calories per day which amounts up to an equivalent of weight loss of 124 grams per year if they become more active at home.

Final tip - Click here to sign up for a free 7 day fat loss diet e-mail course by the diet solution program to help you get started on a weight loss diet plan that does not require too much exercise, then go to weight loss solution to watch free video presentations on how you can lose excess body fat.

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