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How To Get A Flat Belly For Women

Step #1

Work those core muscles

Underneath our top layer of abdominal muscles, lays an important group of muscles known as the core muscles. Most physiotherapists would advise their patients who suffer from back problems to strengthen their core muscles. That's pretty good advice for people who wants to keep their mid-section looking toned as well. This is because strong core muscles helps pull in a saggy belly like a corset, giving you a firm, toned waist. Most women do not know how to do exercises that engage and strengthen these core muscles. This results in weak core muscles which send a signal to the body to store up fats around the mid section so that the internal organs are well protected.

You can practise exercises which targets core muscles such as this one below:

While sitting or lying on your back, exhale and let your abdomen expand as much as possible. Then imagine "pulling" your belly button towards your spine, hold for 8-10 seconds. Repeat 8 to 12 times. Increase the time you hold that pull every week until you can hold for one minute.

Step #2

Move that hip

Most of the modern day working adults have desk-bound jobs which seldom requires them to move around much. This contributes to weak hip muscles and causes your pelvis to protrude out, increases the stress on your back and spine, making your belly bulge out.

Try this stretching regime: In the Lunge position, lower yourself until your back knee touches the floor. While keeping your back straightened, push your hip forward until you can feel the stretch in the front of your hip. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds, relax and repeat, switching legs.

Step #3

Control your diet 

You knew this was coming, didn't you? It's common sense that people simply refused to accept. They prefer to believe that throwing money in "ab-flex" machines will magically burn off their abdominal fats. Truth is, they wouldn't and never will. You need to get rid of those fats by controlling what you eat.

A few simple suggestions:

Eat more protein rather than carbohydrates, which when un-used will convert to fats. Cut down drastically on sugar, sugar increases insulin production which slows metabolism. Eat monosaturated fats, it's filling and adds flavour to your food.

Step #4


Stress causes our bodies to produce cortisol, a hormone that tells our bodies to store fat. You will also be likely crave sugar and fat, an effect of cortisol. Keep snacks and fattening cookies out of reach while you're at work so that you will be less likely to reach for it when you're stressed.

Step #5

Don't work your abs everyday

This will give your muscles time to recover and strengthen. Training everyday will only sabotage your efforts to have a toned ab. Promote your ab exercises to be the first exercise you do in the gym after warming up. This will ensure that you do a thorough workout for your abs without rushing though.

So there you have it, five simple steps to get you ladies started on that sexy, toned abs. If you liked what you've read in this article, there's plenty more where this came from by other "abxperts" (just a term I coined for experts in abs, you've seen it here first!)

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