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A Personal Trainer In La Jolla's 15 minute Exercises

By Brandon Watkins

La Jolla is said to be the home of some of the richest people all over the United States, and it's easy to understand why this city is recognized to have the highest home prices all over the country. In 2008 to 2009, the average home in La Jolla cost as much as $2 million. Probably the reason behind this is because people here tend to work so hard that they wouldn't even have enough time to do their workouts.

A personal trainer in La Jolla stressed the importance of exercising, and for those who find it hard to go to the gym for their day-to-day exercise, here are some 15-minute workouts to help shed off the flab.

Squat Swing

An exercise that you can do in mere 15 minutes only is the Squat Swing. The personal trainer in La Jolla said that this exercise would target your back, arms, butt, abs, legs and hips. This is done by standing on your feet which should be slightly shoulder-width apart while holding on a 3 pound or a 5 pound dumbbell with both hands and positioning it in front of your hips. While your back is kept flat, squat slowly while you swing the dumbbell right behind you in between your legs.

Running Row

Squat Swing

To do this, simply hold the dumbbell on your right hand while on a standing position and your feet should be hip-width apart. After that, slowly bend your right elbow going to the back, bringing the dumbbell towards your ribs while extending your left arm forward and your palms facing inwards. You hinge forward from the waist after that, bringing your bent right knee towards the chest in order to arrive at a tucked position.

Scoop Squat

For those who want to target their biceps, hamstrings and butt, the personal trainer in La Jolla recommends the Scoop Squat exercise. This is done by holding a dumbbell on each hand and standing with your feet, hip-width apart and palms facing forward. Afterwards, extend your arms behind you and try to reach as high as you can manage.

Iron Cross

Iron cross is a kind of exercise that focuses on the upper back, the biceps, shoulders, triceps, legs and butt. To begin, simply stand with your feet hip-width apart while holding a dumbbell on each hand. Slowly lift your arms out on your sides and bend your elbows in order to bring the dumbbells near your ears, while palms are facing forward. Slowly lunge backward with your left leg and repeat the process over again.

So these are among the most effective exercises that can help to shed off your excess pounds if you do the exercises for 15 minutes of your time everyday. If you do this daily, the personal trainer in La Jolla assures you that you will get a fit and fabulous body in only a short period of time.

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