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Why Your Extra Low Calorie Diet Isn't Bringing You The Weight Loss Results You Had Hoped For

By Russ Howe

There are thousands of gym users around the world who seemingly eat very little and exercise endlessly but struggle to see any change in their physique. If you have reached the point of saying you can't lose weight on a low calorie diet or rigorous exercise program, today's post will explain why this is happening to you and what you need to do to get some results.

The general rule for those looking to drop some pounds, of course, is to eat less calories and exercise more. However, there are thousands upon thousands of people out there who are doing too much of one thing and not enough of the other. In rare instances, you even find people who are doing too much of both things.
If you can\'t lose weight on a low calorie diet today\'s video will teach you the facts.

To ensure that you not only lose unwanted body weight but also keep it off forever, you need to ensure that you do not follow these trends and end up on a near starvation diet coupled with endless hours of cardiovascular exercise. That is a sure fire recipe for failure.

At some point, almost every adult gets sucked into that quick fix trend. Mainly because it's featured in celebrity magazines which are aimed at overweight people attracted to instant solutions rather than hard work. Either way, it's bad advice.

If you have ever followed a diet which calls for eating less than 1000 calories per day while battering the bike or treadmill every night, you will know it's not the most effective or lifestyle friendly choice. Individuals who go down this route usually encounter the following things:

An initial drop in weight is seen due to the sheer shock placed on the body as it struggles to comprehend with this new routine. The person fools themselves into believing this drop must mean it's working, before hitting a sticking point a couple of weeks later. About one month into it, they reach a stage where they feel like they cannot lose anything no matter how hard they work or how little they eat. As a result of this sticking point, they begin eating even less and exercising even more. The depression takes hold and forces them to come off the rails, binge eating on junk foods and takeaway meals. Their body cannot handle this sudden influx of calories after a starvation diet and suddenly piles a lot of weight on in reaction to it.

Upon reaching this point, it is easy to understand why an individual becomes depressed about their weight and wants to get their diet back on track. The problem is, however, they continue straight back on the same routine. But the second time around they blame themselves for their lack of results and restrict calorific intake even further...

How can it be possible to eat under 1000 calories per day and hit the treadmill for over two hours a night but still not lose any fat? The answer is very simple. The body isn't getting the nutrients it needs to survive, therefore it has slowed down your metabolism and prevented you from burning what little stores it has left. That's right, your body is actually stopping you from burning off any more fat.

In most cases you'll simply be losing lean muscle tissue, which is why crash diet addicts often look quite ill when they reach their end result. In order to fix this regime you simply need to rethink your diet and training. Forget the outdated notion of long cardiovascular exercise and replace it with a HIIT routine combined with regular weight training.

Building more lean muscle is key when it comes to losing fat, because the body will find it far easier to burn off fat as it gets leaner and stronger.

Your daily diet should be fun, not punishment. You need all three macro's and you need a good number of calories to see any results otherwise your body will enter starvation mode and revoke your control, which has already been documented. If you have previously put yourself through yo-to dieting tactics you will need to slowly increase calorie intake over a period of weeks and months to get yourself back on track. Once the issue is fixed, it's fixed permanently.

If you had two people that weighed the same but one individual ate 400 calories while the other ate 2500, which one would find it easier to drop unwanted pounds? Clearly, the second individual would easily be able to achieve more results because the first case is already starving themselves.

If you walk into any fitness suite you will hear countless men and women saying that they can't lose weight on a low calorie diet and wondering what they need to do to sort it out. Rather than running straight to the first personal trainer you see, simply look at your eating habits and exercise routine. You will usually find that the issue is right under your nose.

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