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Men Having Procedures Is More Accepted

By Clea Spahn

While men still significantly trail women in the number of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures performed nationwide, they are becoming increasing commonplace in more waiting rooms. The expanding popularity of non-surgical options to improve your appearance has certainly caught men up in its storm.

In most cases, men do not want these procedures to be obvious to people they know, so they do not want any recovery time that would mess with their busy schedules. Nowadays, men pay more attention to how their skin appears due to the higher awareness of skin cancer, and of course men also like to improve their appearance when they can. The elasticity of skin is negatively affected by UV light from the sun, and this is one of the reasons that those who look more aged are those who have had more sun exposure.

The damage that is caused by the sun can be partially repaired and protected using advancements in skin care techniques. It is pretty quick to apply, a little at night before bed, and an application following the morning shave.

Rhinoplasty is an operation that men tend to particularly seek out. Usually it's the size of the nose that is the issue, but an uneven or crooked nose are also reasons for the procedure. Usually this is a day patient procedure that uses a general anaesthetic, and there could be some bruising for 2 weeks, with the patient returning to work in a week after a rhinoplasty.

The scars from a procedure like blepharoplasty and neck or face lifts are negligible, so men are also attracted to these procedures. Usually, men prefer that these processes are not obvious at all. Mostly, men would prefer to have some wrinkles than have a major surgical procedure that would be obvious to their acquaintences.

No matter what some men seem to do to reduce fat in certain areas, like a good diet and active lifestyle, some of it seems to remain. The abdomen is where most men have excess fat, or in the flank area. Men can usually return to work the day after having a liposuction procedure, as it's a day procedure that will help to reduce excess fat in these regions.

Accompanying this expanding interest in the muscular athletic male body is a desire for hair removal. Using the latest advances in laser technology, hair removal has become more and more effective in recent years. A series of treatments are required to each region and the procedure is best performed when the skin is not tanned.

The reasons men decide to have these procedures done is not always the same as why women do it. In the world of business, competitiveness is big, and how someone looks is part of it. Finding a cosmetic surgeon that is experienced in procedures for men is a good idea, as it seems that many men today want to appear as they did in their youth.

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