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HCG Slim Is The Secret To Weight Loss Success

By Liliana Mills

The HCG diet continues to increase in popularity as people share their amazing success stories. People can expect to lose up to 25 pounds in the first four weeks of the program. The secret is a hormone that allows dieters to dramatically reduce their calorie intake without experiencing hunger, irritability or loss of energy. HCG slim has made the diet plan easy to follow and accessible to more people than ever before.

The hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin naturally occurs in pregnant women. It helps create nourishment for the growing fetus by releasing fat from storage deposits on the woman's abdomen, thighs and hips. These fatty acids are transported into the bloodstream where they can be utilized as energy by mother and baby alike.

HCG was first used as an aid to weight loss in the 1950s. The British endocrinologist Dr A. Simeons conducted a series of experiments to see whether the hormone would promote the burning of adipose fat in obese men and women. Daily injections allowed patients to quickly and easily lose weight on a calorie restricted diet. These subjects reported that they felt healthy, satisfied and energetic while taking part in the weight loss studies.

The major drawback to the original diet program was the need for hormone injections. The injected form of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin requires a doctor's prescription and is usually administered at specialist clinics. Dieters have to come in every day to get their shots. For people with a fear of needles or those with little free time, this type of diet plan is not an attractive option.

HCG Slim is an easy to administer oral formula. A dose of the pleasant-tasting liquid is simply placed beneath the tongue using an eyedropper three times a day. Diet doctors have found the drops to be just as effective as the injected hormone. The ingredients include natural botanical extracts to enhance overall health and well being during rapid weight loss. The formula is not diluted with water and does not contain alcohol.

During the main weight loss phase of the diet plan, the energy required for normal daily activity is derived from excess body fat. Because fatty acids are constantly circulating in the blood, hunger signals are inhibited. While the body is converting its stored calories into fuel, its requirements for food calories are greatly reduced. Food is eaten mainly for the vital nutrients it contains.

The rapid weight loss diet plan developed by Dr Simeon allows for only two 250 calorie meals a day. Lunch and dinner are made up of a 100 gram serving of lean beef, chicken breast or seafood accompanied by a vegetable and fruit selected from a list of allowable options. All meals are made at home from fresh ingredients. Food can be broiled, streamed or baked, but not fried. A few crackers can be eaten with the meal or as a snack.

With HCG Slim, it's relatively easy to follow the HCG diet plan at home. A number of websites feature HCG diet recipes, tips and advice. Online communities and social networks offer support. Many popular books have been published about the diet and Dr Simeon's original manuscript is available to download as a free eBook.

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