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A Personal Trainer Los Angeles Recommends Tips For Burning Calories After The Holidays

By Brandon Watkins

Almost everyone in Los Angeles are now looking for ways to shed off the excess pounds they have gained from all the bingeing that they did throughout the holidays, from Thanksgiving, Christmas until New Year. Because summer is fast approaching and everybody is talking about going to the beach, both men and women are now looking for the most effective ways to melt away the calories that they've gained.

To help you get a beach worthy body, a top personal trainer Los Angeles would recommend these 3 workout tips.

Keep On Burning All The Calories

You might have probably stopped going to the gym for quite a while because you have been busy entertaining friends during the holiday. Well, it's time to get back on track and burn all those calories off. If you cannot find time to go to the gym, then look for physical activities that could somehow help you to burn all those calories that you've gained.

If you live in a coastal area in Los Angeles, you can go jogging in the nearby beach or perhaps go swimming during the weekends. When going to work, try to walk or jog instead of taking the cab. When going up a building, take the stairs instead of the elevator. According to a personal trainer Los Angeles, doing these small activities can help to burn off the calories even if you don't go to the gym to work out.

Always Eat Something Healthy

So you have already enjoyed almost all types of foods during the holidays. Now that the festive season is over, it's time that you ditch all the unhealthy stuff and focus on eating healthy. It might be too tempting to binge on the leftover desserts in your fridge, but keep in mind that these foods are loaded with sugar and fat and these two are the top causes of weight gain.

But of course, this does not mean that you just starve yourself. Well, definitely not, because starving will just make you to gain weight even more. The personal trainer Los Angeles would suggest that you prepare healthy meals everyday and these meals should be loaded with fruits and vegetables.

Try A New Exercise Routine

Some people often get bored with doing the same workouts repeatedly, until finally they give up working out. In order to stop this from happening, why not try a new exercise routine? There are several resources online that you can refer to for some guide or you could ask a personal trainer Los Angeles to train you. The personal trainer will be able to devise new exercise plans to help you to go on with your exercises.

So keep these 3 tips in mind if you wish to lose a few pounds and achieve a bikini worthy body come summer. The key here is discipline and of course, determination. If you just adhere strictly to a proper diet and if you follow the advice of your personal trainer Los Angeles, you'll definitely be amazed by how your body is going to look when summer comes.

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