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Reasons People Spend Big On Botox

By Marla Nordina

These days we live in a world where external appearances seem to create first impressions. The drive to make oneself look as they did in their youth is strong, and many of us will do whatever they can in their attempts to achieve this. Botox is one such way to help rejuvenate the skin and get rid of those horrible lines and wrinkles, and armed with this knowledge people all over the world seem to be getting botox injections to their face almost regularly now!

In the past, improving one's appearance was all about getting some form of plastic surgery that actually involved one to go under the knife. After a surgery, it can be weeks until the patient is fully recovered. It would even take months before any sort of effect showed. Because of botox, this kind of procedure is no longer necessary. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a study in 2012 that stated that cosmetic surgeries are in decline, and at the same time, the amount of less invasive procedures like botox injections are increasing.

The reason?

Well, for the middle class Jane Doe, botox injections can still bring out the beauty in them without emptying the bank account. The popularity of botox is increasing because it's safe, inexpensive, and makes a significant improvement on the overall appearance of individuals, and costly plastic surgery is less appealing.

It should be noted that people with a larger amount of disposable income would be more likely to get botox, so it is more popular in those circles. We all see pop stars and other celebrities in the papers and magazines, talking about botox procedures they have had.

How did botox get to be so mainstream?

There is no doubt that botox has pretty much taken the world of cosmetic surgery by storm. The effective results on wrinkles and lines, coupled with the great speed and ease of the treatments as it's an out-patient procedure makes this a popular choice among patients. Its applications have these days extended well beyond just facial cosmetics, being now utilized in treating muscle spasm disorders such as blepharospasm and spastic paraplegias.

Months later, the effects of these procedures are still quite noticeable. It has a positive effect on the confidence of the person, and there is a high chance that they would recommend it to a friend or family member.

Because of such great results from botox injection treatments, many people are having the procedure done and they are gaining confidence and feeling younger because of the wider degree of acceptance.

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