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The very best 8 foods that enhance fat loss

By Faryn Clark

Reducing food consumption and cutting foods will not ensure that you can lose weight. There are certain types of food that can be included to the diet that support and promote rapid weight loss.

Food 1: Grapefruit

Grapefruit diet is a well-known diet for us and one does not have to consume only a grapefruit diet to shed extra weight. It's been demonstrated that taking half a grapefruit prior to every meal or drinking a single grapefruit juice serving thrice a day can lead to profound weight loss. This is because it is rich in phytochemicals that stimulate the body to utilize more calories as energy by dropping the insulin levels rather than storing it as fat.


Cinnamon is considered as a super spice that promotes wellbeing with its health healing properties. While losing weight, it's all about controlling the insulin spikes after meals as this is what drives us hungry. Cinnamon benefits can be taken advantage with no extra effort; studies have proven that including a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon daily can suppress cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglyceride levels. It can be just mixed into the morning latte or just sprinkled into a breakfast cereal.


Researchers have concluded that intake of a spicy food in the morning like consuming chilies during breakfast can make you to go for a small lunch. This is because chilies contain a natural component called capsaicin and distinct appetite suppressing properties are found in red chilies. As it is a known fact that chilies are not easy to be taken early in the morning as a meal; however, it can be taken in an egg white omelet or stirred into scrambled eggs to jumpstart weight loss.

Food 4: Fennel tea

Fennel tea naturally contains vitamins B and C; as well as minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium; thus well-known for its health giving benefits. Fennel offers dual benefit when it comes to lose weight. It works both as a metabolism promoter and an appetite suppressant that are both important actions to successfully lose weight. Fennel tea can be easily bought in supermarkets and added to the routine diet to get rid of unwanted cravings and to increase fat burning process.


Low-calorie salad consumption prior to main meals can support weight loss and can provide the recommended dose of vegetables in a daily diet. The way it works for weight loss doesn't include a rocket science as the main key lies behind a meager intake of salad, which creates stomach fullness and hence, one tends to eat lesser during meals. One should ensure that the salad is not loaded with a fatty dressing. It makes a perfect healthy and fresh salad when it gets loaded with little balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Food 6: Green tea

Green tea

Another highly recommended brew is green tea as it offers unlimited energy and multiple health benefits. It has been proven that it increases endurance by up to 24 percent and is a perfect pre-workout drink for some one who is into fitness. Moreover, it helps to perform long workouts and burn more number of calories. When it comes to its effect on boosting up weight loss, a study performed by the journal of nutrition claims that one can lose twice as much weight, especially around the middle of the body by the intake of about 5 cups of green tea.

Food 7: Celery

Celery is best rated as a fat burning food that promotes weight loss with its distinct calorie burning properties. It is quickly taken by the body soon after consuming it. It is a mistake if one considers celery has low nutrient value as it is naturally packed with fiber and foliate. Fiber is great for digestion and foliate is an essential nutrient that promotes formation of new body cells. It is hence advised to get a celery fix by ensuring that it's featured in pre-meal salad, lunch or as a healthy snack to satisfy the food cravings.


Lentils make a good weight-loss food as they are loaded with full of nutrients. They do not contain fat and high calories; however, have potential to satisfy hunger. Lentils make a heavy meal and have been considered as substitute for meat as they can create a feeling of consuming a heavy meal that is comparable to meat. Moreover, it doesn't contain saturated fat and high calories as meat which is an advantage for weight losers. The nutrient value of celery is comparable to that of celery as they are also packed with foliate and fiber thus, contributing to the growth of body cells, stomach fullness and improved digestion.

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