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Helpful Diet Advice From Professional Weight Loss Consultants

By Liliana Mills

Most diets help people to lose weight as long as they follow the program. But no one likes feeling deprived, so few people stay on a diet forever. The pounds creep back on as soon as they resume their former ways of eating. The best way to slim down permanently is by adopting healthier eating habits. Weight loss consultants recommend the following tips to help you lose fat and keep it off.

Fill up with fiber. According to research, people whose diets are high in fiber are less likely to be overweight. Fibrous foods take longer to chew and digest and can keep you feeling full for longer. The fiber itself passes through the body undigested. The best source is raw vegetables and fruits eaten complete with the skin. Natural fiber is also found in wholegrain pastas, cereals and breads.

Start your day with protein. Many people who are dieting eat a breakfast of cereal and skim milk. This can result in a mid-morning drop in blood sugar causing hunger, fatigue and cravings. A much healthier morning meal is based around eggs. A medium egg contains only 85 calories and is a great source of protein and nutrients. A two egg omelet with spinach and mushrooms comes in at under 300 calories.

Avoid battered or breaded foods. Processed battered and breaded meat or fish products are high in unhealthy fats and low in nutrition. The leading brand of chicken burger contains over twice as many calories as a skinless chicken breast and significantly less protein. You can grill or roast a real chicken breast for your sandwich in the same time it takes to heat up a portion of frozen breaded chicken.

Choose healthier snacks. Fried corn and potato chips are often a dieter's downfall. The combination of starch, oil and salt is designed to be addictive. People rarely limit themselves to the recommended portion size. Cravings for crunchy, salty snacks can be satisfied by eating roasted, salted nuts which are a source of protein and fiber. Or try baked wholegrain crackers which have half the calories of chips.

Eat the whole fruit. Many people see fruit juice as a healthy alternative to soft drinks. In fact it tends to be just as fattening. A glass of apple juice has more calories than same amount of cola. Both pack a whooping ten teaspoons of sugar. Because whole fruit is high in fiber, some of its calories will be burned as you chew and digest it.

Don' be fooled by the low fat label. Dietary fats get unfairly blamed for weight gain. Your body converts sugars and starches into fats if their energy isn't immediately burned off. When manufacturers of processed food remove some of the fat, they replace it with sugars, starches and additives. These ingredients raise your blood sugar, leaving you feeling hungry and unsatisfied.

Weight loss consultants agree that he best way to lose weight and keep it off for good is adopt a healthier lifestyle. You can stay slim by avoiding junk food and cooking your own nutritious meals from fresh ingredients. You could reduce your consumption by about 200 calories a day simply by eating less processed food and more foods in their whole, natural state.

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