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The Three Steps To Muscle Building Progress

By Russ Howe

There is so much confusion online surrounding information on how to build muscle that it is no surprise most fitness enthusiasts find it difficult to get anywhere near the kind of results they want to achieve. Today we will show you how to get past this confusion and generate further results in the gym.

Depending how much research you have done, you may already be aware that in order to force progress from your body you need to be very consistent in your efforts in the gym. But hitting the gym is the easy part and today we shall show you the bits which the majority of people overlook.

The reason so many folks get nowhere is that they are constantly getting conflicting information. Most people have encountered this situation, so if you have people trying to alter your training routine with various tips you are certainly not alone. What this situation can do if you're not careful, however, is hold you back severely. Sometimes you need to go back to the old classics to get consistent progress.
If you don't know how to build muscle today's interview will assist you a lot.

When it comes to building programs there are a few questions which pop up a lot more than any others. Those are listed for you below...

* What is the optimal number of repetitions to do?

* What foods are best for this type of program?

* Do you need to train every day or not?

The optimal zone for stimulating lean tissue growth is between eight and twelve reps for most exercises. This means you do not need to spend the countless high repetition sets on most exercises, particularly your big compound lifts, so make the most of this knowledge and begin applying it right now. You should see results from this method very quickly.

Should you already be successfully hitting the hypertrophy zone the next step is slotting in proven techniques to increase the difficulty further. Drop sets and pyramids are just two solid examples of this.

A big problem with many fitness enthusiasts is diet. Do you really know what you should be eating? For most people the answer is no. Don't worry though, the basics are covered below.

Eating the right type of food will determine what type of size you add. You can't expect to get big and stay lean if you are feasting on junk foods. Remember it's not just about how many calories you consume, it's also about where those calories come from.

While you could spend your time counting every single calorie in all of the food you eat, you will more than likely just drive yourself insane and remove any fun from your daily diet making it impossible to stick to. Instead, the 3-5-2 concept is simple and loose, allowing you to make allowances where you feel necessary. With 30% of your calories arriving from sources of protein, 50% carbohydrate and 20% from fat you will have a rock solid and trustworthy foundation to build from.

Taking a day off from your training is a very important step to take. Most of us misunderstand the importance of rest days, we become slightly addicted to the feeling we get from training especially when we start seeing results. It is key to your progress that you allow your body time to recover.

If you are stuck in a rut and don't know how to build muscle today's article will have you moving along in leaps and bounds. Try to abide by the rules in today's post, all of which are backed up by years of scientific studies and research, you will be able to break through any plateau.

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